Are you seeking information on AT&T’s headquarters? Located at 208 S. Akard St. in Dallas, TX, this critical hub, known as at t headquarters, orchestrates the company’s major corporate activities. Our guide walks you through its role, features, and how to connect with the nerve center of one of the world’s largest telecommunication leaders.

Headquarters208 S. Akard St., Dallas, TX 75202, United States
Corporate office208 S. Akard St., Dallas, TX 75202, United States
LocationDallas, TX, USA: 208 S. Akard St., Dallas, TX 75202
Address208 S. Akard St., Dallas, TX 75202, United States
Corporate number1-210-821-4105
Customer service phone number1-800-331-0500

AT&T’s Corporate Structure and Headquarters

AT&T's Corporate Structure and Headquarters

AT&T reaches far beyond its Dallas, Texas corporate headquarters. The company’s core offices are spread across a network of key locations in the United States, forming the backbone of its operations. These significant offices are located in:

  • Atlanta

  • Los Angeles

  • Seattle

  • Washington, D.C.

  • San Ramon in California

  • St. Louis

  • Middletown and Bedminster in New Jersey

Each location contributes uniquely to the companies’ corporate structure, strengthening AT&T’s position as a global technology leader.

Nevertheless, Dallas is special as it is the home to AT&T’s corporate headquarters. The Dallas headquarters is more than just an office; it’s a testament to AT&T’s commitment to innovation, collaboration, and community engagement. It is here, in the heart of Dallas, where AT&T’s guiding principles are brought to life every day.

Headquarters Location & Address

AT&T’s headquarters at 208 S. Akard St., Dallas, TX 75202, is a beacon of the company’s dedication to technological innovation and community involvement. This prime location in downtown Dallas not only situates AT&T at the heart of one of America’s most vibrant cities but also positions the company within easy reach of its key stakeholders.

It is worth noting that although the corporate headquarters are located in Dallas, the main telephone number is associated with a San Antonio area code (210) 821-4105. This suggests that the company may have a significant presence or operations in the San Antonio area. This intriguing detail reflects the company’s commitment to maintaining strong connections with its roots in Texas, regardless of its global reach.

Corporate Office

AT&T's Corporate Offices

Nestled in the heart of downtown Dallas, the AT&T Discovery District is a distinctive corporate office that merges business operations with public interaction. This large-scale development is more than just a workspace; it’s a hub of innovation, offering a myriad of features for visitors and the community.

The Discovery District showcases AT&T’s innovative spirit through features such as The Globe, a 30-foot-tall structure with 30,000 LEDs that represent AT&T’s iconic logo, and the Media Wall, a massive 104-foot tall outdoor wall with more than 9,000 square feet of high-definition displays. Visitors can also explore the latest AT&T products and services at the AT&T Store located in the District.

But the Discovery District is more than just a showcase of AT&T’s technologies. It’s a sustainable, inclusive space that reflects AT&T’s commitment to environmental responsibility and accessibility. From its wind energy-powered infrastructure to its accessible facilities, the Discovery District embodies AT&T’s commitment to creating a future that is both innovative and sustainable.

Contact Information

AT&T has set up an extensive communication network to accommodate a diverse group of stakeholders. Individual stockholders can access information regarding:

  • stock transfers

  • cost basis worksheets

  • dividends

  • dividend reinvestment

  • direct stock purchases

Through AT&T’s Stockholder Services Hotline at 1-800-351-7221 or Computershare at 1-800-351-7221. For those with hearing impairments, a TDD device can be used to contact Computershare directly at 1-888-403-9700, or outside the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico, at 781-575-2697.

Institutional investors have a dedicated contact within AT&T’s investor relations, which can be reached at [email protected]. Bondholders with bond-related questions may contact AT&T Treasury for assistance. General inquiries can be addressed to the headquarters at 208 S. Akard St., Dallas, TX 75202, with the main telephone number being (210) 821-4105.

AT&T allows transparent communication with its Board of Directors, non-management directors, the lead director, or a specific individual director through written comments sent to the Office of the Secretary of AT&T Inc., 208 S. Moreover, this ensures that the company values open and direct communication with its leadership team. The address is located on Akard Street in Dallas, Texas, with Suite 2954 and the zip code 75202.

This commitment to maintaining open lines of communication underscores AT&T’s dedication to fostering strong relationships with its stakeholders.

Corporate Number

In an era of numerous digital communication channels, AT&T recognizes the value of maintaining a direct line of communication. Interestingly, AT&T Inc.’s main corporate office phone number, (210) 821-4105, uses a San Antonio area code even though the corporate headquarters is in Dallas. This detail underscores AT&T’s commitment to its roots in Texas and to maintaining a personal connection with its stakeholders.

While digital innovation has transformed the way we communicate, AT&T’s corporate phone number serves as a testament to the company’s dedication to keeping traditional lines of communication open. Whether it’s a call from a potential business partner or an individual stockholder, AT&T ensures that a direct line of contact is always available.

Customer Service Phone Number

For AT&T, customer service isn’t merely a department; it forms the bedrock of the company’s operations. To ensure seamless and efficient customer service, AT&T provides dedicated contact options for different services. Customers can reach AT&T customer service for wireless services at 800.331.0500 or for internet and TV support at 800.288.2020.

For those exploring AT&T’s offerings, a unique customer service line is available. New customers can reach out to AT&T at 888.333.6651. Each customer service line, dedicated to a specific service area, ensures that customers can access specialized assistance and guidance, reflecting AT&T’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Downtown Dallas Headquarters: A Look Inside

Stepping into AT&T’s downtown Dallas headquarters is like stepping into the future. The AT&T Discovery District features:

  • Sustainable design principles

  • Unique architectural elements

  • Powered entirely by wind energy

  • Smart irrigation system

  • Rainwater collection

  • Composting program

These features have earned the district a SITES Silver Certification, setting a new standard for modern corporate headquarters.

The headquarters is also a hub of technological innovation. Visitors can marvel at the 104-foot tall Media Wall or interact with the 30-foot-tall illuminated Globe, both of which symbolize AT&T’s innovative spirit. Accessibility is prioritized, with features like parking, restrooms, and hearing loop technology catering to visitors with specific needs.

The AT&T Discovery District is not just a workspace; it’s a vibrant community space where business, innovation, and sustainability converge. Each feature, from the digital displays in the lobby to the sustainable design elements, reflects AT&T’s commitment to shaping a future where technology and sustainability go hand in hand.

Corporate Structure: How the Combined Company Operates

AT&T’s corporate structure embodies the company’s dedication to technological advancement. As a combined company, AT&T has fully embraced Software Defined Networking (SDN), with most of the network traffic now leveraging this advanced infrastructure. This strategy underpins AT&T’s position as a global technology leader, enabling the company to deliver innovative solutions across various sectors.

Beyond its own operations, AT&T maintains a robust business partner ecosystem that delivers security and reliability through its extensive fiber and 5G network. This network supports approximately 2.5 million business customers worldwide, reflecting AT&T’s commitment to fostering strong business relationships and enhancing its services through collaboration.

Innovations at the Heart of AT&T

Innovation sits at the core of AT&T. The company’s network serves as a foundation for breakthroughs in smart homes, smart cities, remote healthcare, augmented and virtual reality, and advanced workplace collaboration tools. Through strategic collaborations with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Software as a Service (SaaS) providers, hyperscalers, and consulting firms, AT&T fosters innovative solutions that enhance its technology offerings.

Network and Media Innovations

AT&T’s commitment to innovation extends to its network and media technologies. AT&T’s 5G network, deemed the most reliable in the nation, now reaches approximately 295 million people. This network underpins AT&T’s connectivity leadership and forms the backbone of its innovative solutions.

The company’s fiber infrastructure, which extends to more than 25 million locations, provides consistent speeds and is equipped for multi-gig service from the outset. This robust infrastructure not only delivers broadband to residences and businesses but also supplies the necessary backhaul support for 5G towers and radios.

In anticipation of emerging technological trends, AT&T is also investing in edge computing. The company predicts a surge in the deployment of edge computing use cases, revolutionizing sectors with real-time applications such as:

  • automated warehousing

  • autonomous vehicles

  • smart cities

  • remote monitoring and control systems

As edge applications increase, AT&T emphasizes automating data governance policies and ensuring stringent data lifecycle management.

Entertainment and Mobility Services

AT&T’s innovative spirit shines through in its entertainment and mobility services. The company actively engages in enhancing the entertainment experiences it offers to its customers. Through platforms like the ESSENCE Festival, AT&T hosts engaging panel discussions, organizes musical performances, and showcases new technologies, offering a unique blend of technology and culture.

AT&T’s commitment to innovation extends to its mobility services. The company provides customers with cutting-edge mobile solutions, incorporating the latest technologies and services to meet their needs. With the latest AT&T products and services readily available at the AT&T Store in the Discovery District, customers can explore and purchase the newest offerings in an immersive, tech-forward environment.

Collaborative Workspaces and Employee Experience

AT&T’s corporate culture is characterized by:

  • A focus on collaboration and employee experience

  • Workspaces designed to foster collaboration and teamwork

  • An environment where innovative ideas can thrive

  • A commitment to employee excellence

Office Spaces Designed for Collaboration

AT&T’s office spaces are conceptualized with a focus on collaboration. The layout includes open workspaces that encourage employees to collaborate and engage in team-oriented activities. Informal meeting areas are interspersed throughout the headquarters to facilitate ad-hoc discussions and collaboration among staff.

Interactive tools, such as touch screen whiteboards and writable walls, are available in meeting rooms, fostering a dynamic and interactive environment for brainstorming and team workshops. Communal tables and seating arrangements invite collaborative gatherings and team lunches, while state-of-the-art video conferencing technology enables seamless collaboration with remote team members and partners.

Employee Benefits and Perks

AT&T’s dedication to its employees goes beyond just fostering a favorable work environment. The company provides competitive medical, dental, and vision benefits to its employees as part of its commitment to their well-being. The AT&T wellness program, Your Health Matters (YHM), is designed to offer education, encouragement, and support to employees in their well-being journeys.

Initiatives under the YHM program, such as the 5 Habits of Health & Wealth Hub, provide tools for achieving physical and financial wellness goals. Employees participate in wellness challenges and events, such as the Stamp Out Stigma campaign aimed at reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness.

The company also supports employee volunteerism with initiatives like the President’s Volunteer Service Award and offers a paid Community Day for managerial staff to participate in volunteer activities. Through the AT&T Giving Program, employee charitable contributions are matched, and volunteerism is rewarded. These initiatives, along with others like the AT&T Employee Relief Fund and support for military members and their families, illustrate AT&T’s commitment to its employees’ overall well-being.

AT&T’s Commitment to Suppliers and Partners

AT&T’s dedication to its suppliers and partners is integral to its operations. Through its Supplier Diversity Program, the company encourages an inclusive business environment, fostering relationships with a diverse supplier base.

AT&T’s supplier diversity efforts aim to stimulate economic growth in the communities where it operates and foster innovation in its supply chain.

Supplier Diversity Program

AT&T’s Supplier Diversity Program includes:

  • Minority-owned businesses

  • Women-owned businesses

  • Veteran-owned businesses

  • LGBT-owned businesses

  • Service-disabled veteran-owned businesses

  • Historically underutilized businesses

  • Small business enterprises

This program is a testament to the company’s commitment to inclusivity.

The program extends beyond inclusion to development and mentorship. AT&T initiates programs to mentor and develop diverse suppliers, ensuring they have the resources and knowledge needed to succeed. This approach not only fosters a culture of inclusivity but also promotes innovation and growth within the company’s supply chain.

Partnering for Success

AT&T’s approach to partnership is rooted in mutual success and innovation. The company has a range of partnership models to suit different types of businesses, aiming to build and grow relationships that allow innovative solutions to thrive on AT&T’s network. Open communication, aligned objectives, and co-development of products and solutions characterize these partnerships.

One such partnership is with the FirstNet Authority, through which AT&T delivers FirstNet, a dedicated Band 14 spectrum for first responders that supports 24,000 public-safety agencies as of Q1 2023. Through such strategic partnerships, AT&T demonstrates its commitment to innovation, collaboration, and community welfare.

Staying Connected: Events and Community Engagement at AT&T

AT&T’s community involvement goes past its products and services. Through various events, sponsorships, and philanthropic efforts, the company aims to create positive local and cultural impacts. Initiatives such as the AT&T Believes and The Humanity of Connection demonstrate AT&T’s commitment to fostering strong community ties and promoting positive change.

Hosting Events at AT&T Headquarters

AT&T’s headquarters act as a lively stage for a variety of events that spark innovation and encourage community participation. The annual AT&T Business Summit, for instance, attracts business leaders, technology experts, and entrepreneurs to discuss and explore new ideas and technological solutions.

But the events at AT&T’s headquarters aren’t just about business and technology. The company also hosts various community-focused gatherings that support initiatives such as digital literacy and environmental stewardship. Through these events, AT&T leverages its headquarters not just as a hub for business innovation but also as a center for supporting and enhancing community involvement.

Corporate Philanthropy and Community Outreach

AT&T’s commitment to community outreach and philanthropy is significant. In 2022 alone, AT&T and the AT&T Foundation donated more than $89.1 million to philanthropic organizations. The company also contributed $1.6 million in corporate disaster relief, aiding various nonprofits and volunteer efforts in affected regions.

AT&T’s commitment to disaster preparedness and recovery includes:

  • Assisting over 290,000 individuals through connectivity solutions and humanitarian relief in 2022

  • Supporting employee volunteerism

  • Setting a target to engage 50% of its global workforce in community volunteerism and philanthropic giving by 2030

Through initiatives like the AT&T Giving Program and the AT&T Employee Relief Fund, the company rewards employee charitable contributions and volunteerism, and provides aid to employees facing hardships. These initiatives, along with support for military members and their families, illustrate AT&T’s commitment to creating a positive impact on communities worldwide.


In the world of AT&T, innovation, sustainability, and community engagement converge to create a corporate culture that sets benchmarks for the global technology industry. From its corporate headquarters in Dallas to its offices around the United States, AT&T fosters an environment where technology and people come together to shape the future. Employee wellness, supplier diversity, community involvement, and customer experience are integral to AT&T’s operations, making it more than just a technology company. It’s a company that’s committed to creating a better, more connected world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the at t corporate headquarters?

AT&T’s corporate headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas.

When did AT&T move headquarters to Dallas?

AT&T moved its headquarters to Dallas in 2008, relocating from San Antonio.

What is the AT&T Discovery District?

The AT&T Discovery District is a large-scale development in downtown Dallas that combines a corporate office with public space and innovative technologies, making it an attraction for both visitors and the local community.

What is the AT&T Supplier Diversity Program?

The AT&T Supplier Diversity Program aims to promote inclusivity by including minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, LGBT-owned, service-disabled veteran-owned, historically underutilized businesses, and small business enterprises in AT&T’s supply chain. This program helps to support a diverse range of businesses and foster economic growth.

How does AT&T support its employees?

AT&T supports its employees by offering competitive medical, dental, and vision benefits, a comprehensive wellness program, and opportunities for volunteerism and charitable contributions. This shows their commitment to employee well-being and community involvement.