Tennessee is home to major types of factories and has a low cost of housing. Its low corporate tax makes it a popular place for launching new businesses. Before you transact business activities in the state, you need to register a name and obtain a certificate of authority. Each type of business entity in the state has specific rules and guidelines that you must fulfill.

A corporation or an LLC cannot have a name similar to another business. For instance, if an LLC is registered as Zinc Fabricators LLC, you cannot register yours as Zinc Fabricators L.L.C. The name must include the designators Corp., Inc., L.L.C., LLC, or Limited. You cannot use the words Trust, Bank, Mortgage, Credit Union, or Insurance unless you have special permission from the relevant authorities. After choosing a unique name and a business structure, conduct a business name search.

Business entity search in Tennessee is done through the E-Commerce Business Services Online. The department updates all its business entity records every time a new entity is registered in the state. Open the website and perform a Tennessee business name search to find out if your unique name is available for registration. If the name is available, file the relevant registration documents as required or reserve it to register later.

Name reservation costs $20 for all types of business entities. To conduct an LLC or Corporation search in Tennessee, visit the Tennessee Secretary of State Website. The types of organizations that you can search include:

  • Corporations
  • Limited partnerships
  • General Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Companies

Tennessee Secretary of State Business Lookup Contact Details

Phone(615) 741-2286 (Voice)
Address  OFFICE ADDRESS: Corporate Filings
312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue
6th Floor, Snodgrass Tower
Nashville, TN 37243-1102   MAILING ADDRESS: Corporate Filings
312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue
6th Floor, Snodgrass Tower
Nashville, TN 37243-1102
HoursMonday — Friday: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (CST)
EmailBusiness: [email protected]

Tennessee Business Entity & Corporation Search

Lookup Tennessee Corporation Search

Step 1 – Visit the Tennessee E-commerce Business Services Online

Tennessee Business Search Step 1
Tennessee Business Search Step 1

Information for the Tennessee corporation search is available at the official website of the Tennessee Secretary of State. The business entities you can search for include Corporations, Limited partnerships, General Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships, and Limited Liability Companies.

Criteria for Business Name search in Tennessee is done using: Entity Name. If you want a more detailed report, contact the Tennessee State E-Commerce Business Services Online through email or telephone.

Step 2: Select Your Entity

After keying your options, click the search icon to generate your search results. If the name is registered, a list of names will be displayed as shown below.

Tennessee Business Search Step 2
Tennessee Business Search Step 2

Go through the matching results one by one and sort them out. To make your lookup easier, the search results table displays the active and inactive entities from the database. It consists of the Control Number, Entity Type, Entity Name, Name Type, and State/Country of Formation. Once you have located the listing you are looking for, check the Control Number column and click the link. You will be redirected to the Tennessee Corporation Search/Information Page, showing the details of the specific entity.            

Step 3: Download the information

This is the last step of the lookup LLC Tennessee. You now have all the registration details, including:

  • Name
  • Status
  • Formed In
  • Fiscal Year of Close
  • Term of Duration
  • Principal Office
  • Mailing Address
  • AR Exempt
  • Managed By
  • Initial filing Date
  • AR Due Date
Tennessee Business Search Step 3
Tennessee Business Search Step 3

The Tennessee Secretary of State allows you to request an annual report, Certificate of Existence, and certified copies of documents of business entities found in its database.


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