Virginia has a low employment rate and a friendly business environment. Filings take a maximum of 12 days after the submission of forms. The state provides you with resources for registration, hiring, financing, designing a business plan, and counseling. The most popular businesses registered in Virginia are Corporations, LLCs, and DBAs. To get started, think about a name that is not registered by another person. You are allowed to write the name in English or Arabic or add Roman numerals.

You may include a comma, colon, period, dash, semi-colon, or another sign to be part of the name. Unless you choose a DBA, you are required to include designators such as Corp., Co., Limited, Ltd, Corporation, LLC, or LC. Other requirements are articles of Incorporation, IRS registration, and registration fee.

After creating a unique name, your next step is to perform an entity search to confirm the availability of your preferred name. Business name search in Virginia is done through the State Corporation Commission Clerk’s Information System. The Corporation is responsible for maintaining an updated record of all businesses registered in the state.

Accessing and using the website to perform a Virginia Business Entity Search is free. After confirming the name is available, you may begin the registration process immediately. You may also reserve the name to register later at $10 for 120 days. To conduct an LLC or Corporation search in Virginia, visit the Virginia Secretary of State Website. The types of organizations that you can search include:

  • Limited Partnerships
  • General Corporations
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Non-profit Corporations

Virginia Secretary of State Business Lookup Contact Details

Phones(808) 371-9967 (Voice) (804) 371-9733 (800) 552-7945
Address  OFFICE ADDRESS: Tyler Building
1300 E. Main St.
Richmond, Virginia 23219   MAILING ADDRESS: Office of the Clerk
P.O. Box 1197
Richmond, Virginia 23218
HoursMonday — Friday: 8:15 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST)
EmailBusiness: [email protected] .

Virginia Business Entity & Corporation Search

Lookup Virginia Corporation Search

Step 1 – Visit the Virginia State Corporation Commission Clerk’s Information System website

Virginia Business Search Step 1
Virginia Business Search Step 1

Information for the Virginia corporation search is available at the official website of the Virginia Secretary of State. The business entities you can search for include Corporations, Partnerships, and LLCs.  

Criteria for Business Name search in Virginia is done using: Entity Name, Entity ID, Principal Name, Registered Agent Name, Filing Number, and Advanced Search Options. If you want a more detailed report, contact the Virginia State Corporation Commission Clerk’s Information System through email or telephone.

Step 2: Select Your Entity

After keying your options, click the search icon to generate your search results. If the name is registered, a list of names will be displayed as shown below.

Virginia Business Search Step 2
Virginia Business Search Step 2

Go through the matching results one by one and sort them out. To make your lookup easier, the search results table displays the active and inactive entities from the database. It consists of the Entity ID, Entity Name, Name Type, Entity Type, Series LLC, Principal Office Address, RA Name, and Status. Once you have located the listing you are looking for, check the Entity ID column and click the link. You will be redirected to the Virginia Corporation Search/Information Page, showing the details of the specific entity.

Step 3: Download the information

This is the last step of the lookup LLC Virginia. You now have all the registration details, including:

  • Entity Name
  • Entity ID
  • Entity Type
  • Entity Status
  • Series LLC
  • Reason for Status
  • Formation Date
  • Status Date
  • VA Qualification Date
  • Period of Duration
  • Industry Code
  • Annual Report Date
  • Registered Agent Information
  • Principal Office Address
Virginia Business Search Step 3
Virginia Business Search Step 3

The Virginia Secretary of State allows you to view the filing history, RA history, name history, previous registrations, protected series and to request images of the entities in your search results.


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